About me

Hello and welcome to my website !

I am a web designer specialized in digital advertising and Rich Media content.
Basically trained in video editing, I also have solid notions of 2D motion design and HTML & CSS integration.

About my experience?
16 years in digital advertising, including 12 years in the service of a communication agency specializing in luxury watchmaking..

Digital ads

The digital advertising banner is my main activity.
For 16 years, I have created banners highlighting the products of major luxury brands.
Mixing graphics, animation and videos, the digital banner is what I master the best.
By producing linear or interactive banners, my expertise goes from the creation and presentation to the client to the realization of the banner by working in pairs with an HTML/CSS/JS developer-integrator.


After this quick presentation of my activities, I let you discover some recent works created in the luxury watchmaking sector.

Videos Ads

Black Bay Chrono / Jay Chou

Pelagos / David Beckham

Black Bay / Lady Gaga


Pelagos / Marine Nationale


Black Bay Chrono / Jay Chou


Building your watch

DOOH / Motion

Black Bay 36 / Lady Gaga

Black Bay 36 S&G / Lady Gaga

Black Bay Bronze / David Beckham

Tudor 1926

Frankfurt Aeroport / David Beckham

Bangkok Paragon Park / David Beckham

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I'll try to get back to you as quickly as possible.


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